Red Frog

Name: Red Frog
Age: 200 years old
Favorite color: Frog Green

Uh, whoa! What is this thing? Huh? Oh. I don’t remember. Where?

Oh? Heh. Hee, hee, I like it.

Cristelia Thimble-Bopper

Name: Cristelia Thimble-Bopper
Age: 16 years old
Favorite color: Girly Pink

Oh my god! What are you wearing? That is the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen, in like, the whole history, of my, like, entire life.

This is what I, like, totally think of myself: 100% wonderful, talented, adorable, beautiful, gorgeous, movie star. 0% ugly, odd, weird, farmer.

Plata Plantanium Blonde Boy

Name: Plata Plantanium Blonde Boy
Age:  6 years old
Favorite color:  Platypus Blue

At school I am known for my terrible magic tricks and I can’t burp my ABC’s but I am working on it.

Sammy Wind-Bop

Name: Sammie Wind-Bop
Age: 5
Favorite color: Dirt Brown

hi I’m sammie. I love baking dirt pies, fertilizing gardens,(oh my gosh,sammie.I, like,totally don’t let you do that!!!!) mud masks,and painting with mud.


Name: Dinilesaures

favorite color:bluuuuuh

Age: unknown DON DON DON!!!!!!!

hello my name is Dini I’m a weirdo and totally proud to say it!! this is what I think of myself: 97% weirdo 3% sure of where I’m gonna go for dinner tonight.

Ethan Oak-Pleen

Name: Ethan Oak-Pleen
Age: 8
Favorite color: Anything Crestilia likes!

Hi! my name’s Ethan. Ask me a logical question and you’ll get a logical answer!

People say I’m a nerd, but really,I’m not as bad as they say. Actually, I’m not that nerdy at all. Will you please be my friend?

This is what I think of my self:98% nerd, 2% boy.

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